There is something our generation has dearly loved – that is, sports. It is no sin to love sports. Nevertheless, the recreational industry has many kinds of products to offer a 7-billion-plus population. Popular amongst these products are football (see, we don’t call it soccer where I come from), basketball, track events, golf, rugby, and the list goes on. Now, for the purposes of my post, I shall be using one of the team sports, specifically football. We know that the football industry is almost religious in appeal – both amongst the young and the old. To some, sadly, it is actually what they worship. It is no wonder, seeing that man craves to worship – whether the only true God or any other idol, including himself. Anyway, we know that when people associate or identify themselves with a certain football team, they actually speak as if they are very important shareholders in the club. You hear statements like, “WE almost outscored you guys.” Or even, “OUR best player showed YOUR (addressing a rival team supporter) best player a move or two.” One would almost expect him to pick up the phone and personally congratulate the player, as part of his responsibility as “part-owner” of the club. Even when a loss is incurred, the consistent supporter never deserts his recently shamed team – he feels the need to let everyone know that he still supports “the greatest team in the world”. Astounding loyalty! 

Now, picture two rival teams – and for the sake of OUR post, we shall not limit the number of active players or substitutes, not even the coaches/managers for each team. These two teams are on a faceoff, not for a mere golden cup or shield or plate, but for life itself. Up for grabs are ultimate power and freedom and eternal bragging rights. Now, I would plead with you, dear reader, not to analogize too much, since my job here is to try and paint a(n) (im)perfect picture with a dim pencil and an infant’s mind – hence, forgive my poor skill and very limited resources, but bear with me as we build the plot in your mind, if you shall. Back to our teams. On the one hand we have Team Adam – very skilled, very young, very promising. The coach is actually named Adam – he believes in himself so much. Adam has some famous players on his team: Dominion whom he has never really used, a highly skilled defender called Inherent-Righteousness who Adam boasts in so much, and a certain player he struggles with called Obedience. It is said that Obedience was specifically picked by the team owner but coach Adam has started experiencing some problems with this young turk. And then there is his strongest player, Mr. Will, Free Will – he is said to be very flexible and chooses at what time he gets to play. Coach Adam is sure that these will do the job, even though he has only actually used them in practice and during a number of friendly matches with Team Flora and Fauna before, a small team back at home. The owner of Team Adam has warned him to be careful with these guys, but zealous Adam is fully self-confident. After all, he has the backing of the owner who, as word around goes, has great plans on using Team Adam to completely shame the other guys and get the glory thereof. But the other guys are not to be undone – Team Diabolos. In fact, they have 3 coaches. But the guy in charge during this game is coach Diabolos himself. And their mascot is one Ophis, quite the sly guy. Among their top players are the many proteges of the three coaches. Coach Harmatia is a very deadly strategist, and his best player is actually his eldest son, whose name is Thanatos. He is said to have every answer to Team Adam’s tricks and moves and he ALWAYS scores. Thus, it has been agreed upon by all three coaches of this team that this precious player should be kept until injury time when he can drive the last nail into Team Adam’s coffin. Also in the team is a player who can penetrate Team Adam’s every shield. He is coach Diabolos’ true son, and he is known as Pseudomai. Diabolos has taught him how to use Team Adam’s strengths against themselves. Needless to say, he is very good at drawing the defense away from their positions, and creating such a highway for the other attackers to easily penetrate through and position themselves. Finally, coach Sarkos has two very prominent players, one, a very tall, highly skilled and handsome looking fellow called Kosmos, and word is that Adam has been really looking to get this kid on his side. He would gladly exchange him for the old but exerienced chap, Obedience, to team Diabolos – negotiations are ongoing. That is because he knows that Kosmos’ skill would work well to complement a certain upcoming player he has set his eyes on in his own reserve team, a young attacker called Epithymia. Coach Sarkos also has the midfielder known as Mataion. This player specializes in taking his opponents around in circles, totally frustrating them and killing the team’s morale. He just never seems to get tired, even after playing to the very last minute. These are the main players in the two teams, and the game must be played. 

However, just before this game, it is rumored that Free Will already had his agent make a decisive deal with Diabolos, which could spell disaster for Team Adam. Adam is thus desperate to get Kosmos, even at the expense of Obedience, although Diabolos said that Adam needs, in addition, to acquire his son, Pseudomai, if the deal must happen. As I wrote, negotiations are underway. The question on everyone’s mind is, shall Adam buy the package? The club owner has warned him against buying any new players, especially from Team Diabolos, seeing that even players in Team Flora and Fauna were not fit for him. The match is about to begin, and looking at things, especially knowing how Coach Adam prides himself in his ability (in fact, he is known to have dubbed himself as The Special One), and further seeing how his best player, young Free Will, is about to jump ship, not to mention Coach Adam’s plans to sell Obedience quickly to Team Diabolos, one can only assume that things are about to get as thick as charcoal smoke. It is only a matter of time before the highly talented Thanakos dominates the league with his thunderous goals. Only one player has ever been known to outdo Thanakos at his own game – a player from Team Adam. But we have been told that he is sitting this out until “the appointed time”. His name is Logos; Logos Adam II. Few, including Diabolos, have actually seen him play but it is rumored that he does not prefer to wear the team’s expensive shoes, though he does not mind wearing the team colors. We can only wait for his debut in this tight game. After all, it seems coach Adam has all things well set out and does not prefer to have Logos start, though there is a contract that binds him from keeping Logos on the bench for long. Hence, we shall undoubtedly see Logos Adam II in action. Meanwhile, loyal fans are streaming in, and from the looks of it, all who come from the town of Anthropos are on Team Adam’s side. They are desperately hoping coach Adam knows what he is doing and fully support him in all his decisions. With all the bets they have placed on THEIR team winning this game, they have no other choice – after all, it is a matter of life; life and death! The dye has been cast. The day’s referee is the best in the entire world – he is called Perfection.

Let the game begin!