The next strongest power to God is not the President of the United States or North Korea’s Supreme Leader, neither the EU nor the UN – no. It is not even your inner self and the ability to control your mind and saturate it with positive thoughts and images. Alas, it is Satan himself! Surprised? You should not be. Nevertheless, Satan remains unrecognized and unacknowledged by many and MAINLY ignored by those who have come across his name, especially amongst professing Christians. And that is exactly what he wants from us – that we may be ignorant of his schemes, and thus underestimate him. Yet, Scripture EXPLICITLY warns us against performing this subtly destructive error. How many professing Christians have unrighteously suffered simply because they erroneously thought that their paltry human power somehow exceeds that of Satan? Salvation from sin does NOT mean that we suddenly become some kind of supernatural beings with the ability to see through walls and walk on water – sadly, there are some who (mis)interpret Christianity in this way. Consider, again, that Scripture does not leave us without sufficient warning and right direction. The writer of it, Who is God the Spirit, so lays out the vast power and worlwide influence of this “lion”, prowling about ready to devour whoever stands averse to him and his ways. The word of God identifies Satan as one with such great authority that he is rightly called “the god of this world”! He stands as one with great dominion – able to “cast down a third of the host of heaven” and succeeding in his mass deception for he has “blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, Who is the image of God”, even working “all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception” to finally lead them into a state of eternal ruin and endless misery. He is furthermore called “the prince of the power of the air”, and THE evil one”. In fact, Christ Jesus Himself twice identifies Satan as “the ruler of this world”! Yes, we know, for John the beloved apostle testifies thus, that “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one”, that is, the whole world of unbelievers.
Having said that, I do not wish to part with many illustrious words concerning the devil, lest I am mistakenly deemed as praising this creature, for that is still who he is – God’s creature (and moreso, God’s created tool). The triune and thrice holy God is Satan’s God – for he is no atheist, even though he is not an elect believer. Since God created this creature, his creaturely power cannot; yes, shall NEVER attain to God’s level, even though he were to deceive the entirety of this world a million times over. For the Sovereign God has not only demonstrated His infallible wisdom and infinitely greater power over Satan by turning the desperately wicked hearts of godless rebels around that we should give all glory to Him alone, but He has also altogether masterfully vanquished the poisonous effect of sin, which Satan so mercilessly set loose upon us in the Garden after mankind colluded with the deceiver (foolishly, to his own destruction). And how was this powerful salvation accomplished but that Jesus Christ, THE ALMIGHTY ONE, purchased lost; no, even dead men, reviving them once more to life; a life holy and consecrated to His eternal Father and our God. This elevated fiend; this very ancient foe, and would-be destroyer of mankind, Satan, is NO match for God, even though we, in our mere human strength, are no match for him.
The sum of all I am trying to write is this – that it is therefore in Christ ALONE (when we have faith in Him), and not in our ignorant and Scripturally unwarranted rebukes of Satan, that he is put to flight; that the devil is put in his place as PUBLICLY DEFEATED LORD OF DOOM AND DESPAIR! It is POSITIVELY in Christ alone, Who is our eternal and living hope and never-fading strength, that we are more than conquerors – dear friends, this is our only answer to all fears and despondence and unbelief. CHRIST JESUS! Struggling with doubt, bitterness, inward pain or any other form of sin? Rebuke Satan all the day and he shall be back every time you do so; turn to Christ in faith ONCE and you shall find that “the Lord is faithful” to deliver and “He will establish you and guard you against the evil one”, for His own glory, and in accordance to His holy word. Hence, the Christian should direct his plea of deliverance to the Lord Jesus Christ (rather than to his own power of rebuking) and make his supplication known to our able and willing Lord when tempted, sometimes beyond his ability, by the evil one, all the while giving thanks to our great God and Savior ALWAYS for saving his formerly ruined soul from its natural progression towards eternal destruction and utter despair. Jesus Christ came especially to destroy the work of the devil – and He left no stone unturned, finally triumphing in His eternal victory. Powerful beyond anyone’s imagination, Christ saves to the uttermost where Satan seems to reign undisputedly. The serpent is crushed under Christ’s potent foot – and we, Christians, the Church of God, on account of our mysterious union with Him, get to share in this position of glorious dominance and only so because we are in Christ Jesus, our Head and Husband. Hence, we are commanded to NOT act ignorantly due to the witty wiles of this prince of all that is evil – we ought to put on the whole armor of God, since we believe in Him. For this reason, we must be observant and see our frailty, for we are vulnerable even to Satan, BUT we MUST to a very much higher degree see our Deliverer, Who overcame ALL for our sake and to God’s glory! Christ took on a body of flesh; of weakness and pain and thirst and hunger, one that was prone to death, so that, at the fullness of time, Christ died on a Roman cross that He might challenge death in its own backyard, and He appeared once again alive forevermore, having settled matters with His own all-powerful hands! Christ, the greater David, has cut off Goliath’s head. Sin, death, Satan – none of these have dominion or any true power over the believer any longer! Hallelujah! How can we then not rest fully in Christ’s power – in Him? O, that we might know Christ “and the power of His resurrection, and may share His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death”. Let us, with the apostles and with the great choir of the redeemed, join in crying out, “Come, Lord Jesus!” Amen.


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  1. Thanks so much for your post. You emphasised essential truths believers should beware of. However I was a bit unnerved at your opening statement where you mentioned that the next potent power after God is the devil.

    While I do not question the cunning and destructiveness of the devil, I don’t think he should even be looked at in relation to God. As you mentioned, Satan is simply no match for God.

    Revelations 20:2 sheds light. For instance when God would have him bound in the near future, He wouldn’t do the job Himself but sends ONE serving soldier (Angel) to do the job. Not even an Army of warring angels, but just one warring Angel. That to me demonstrates absolute class and Sovereignty of God!

    Yes, Satan is very destructive and it’s in our best interest to be in Christ and keep His word, but he is not next after God. No one, no creation, however cunning can fit that position. No one. Isaiah 45:5 says “I AM THE LORD, and there is no other; apart from Me there is no god…”

    Yes, Satan is prince over those who live in rebellion to God, but he is not even second to God. No one simply is.

    God bless you and keep all of us from the evil one in Jesus name!

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    1. I hadn’t seen my statement this way, for I did not mean to compare the persons of God, or the infinite nature of His being to a mere creature, much less Satan. My point was to rightly apportion the power of Satan to its relevant position, a position strongly denied by some in Christendom, and not to blasphemously assert that the person of Satan is comparable to God Almighty – which point is the connection between my first and second paragraphs.

      However, it may be that I did not communicate my point out very well and ended up seeming like I was comparing or even confounding the infinite being (if even His beinghood can be constrained to such a term) and the creaturely being we know as Satan. I do not think I am willing to get into a disagreement with anyone over the issue, especially in defense of a position that can fast become a stumbling block to many Christians – I mean that, I am willing to immediately concede my phrasing of the sentence, for the sake of your (and others’) different interpretation of it. It is better if I had concentrated on describing Satan’s power without necessarily comparing it to the power of the incomparable God. I think that would have gone by without any contention of phrases, which can affect ones interpretation of doctrine. Thank you for the correction, brother.


      1. Thanks for your response, brother. We are all in the same vine being pruned by the Vinedresser. We all know in part. I shared the truth God reveals to me, which in the first place was triggered by your inspiring article.

        Thanks again for the clarifications. I have no doubt that your beautiful will bless those who read it. What I’ve learned from you is that underestimating Satan isn’t the way to defeat him; we can only defeat the devil when we are deeply rooted in Jesus our Lord.

        God bless you abundantly!

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        1. Amen! We truly know in part, for we await perfection in everything with the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ at the last day. You have been very gracious in your replies and I am very humbled by your loving correction in truth – spent a lot of time thinking about the danger of misrepresenting God or His word (which is something any man is prone to do). May we increase in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whose blood we are united.

          May the Lord abundantly bless you as well, dear brother.

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