MY DAUGHTER: A Godly Woman

I wrote the following piece about one and a half years ago as I mused on how I would desire my daughter (if God were to graciously grant my wife and I such a gift) to be a godly woman. Having come so far, most assuredly by God’s grace alone, and the Lord Jesus having granted me a godly and beautiful woman, who I intend to wed in but a few days, I saw it fit to have this published here for the eyes of the world to behold the prayer of my mind. Melissa, dear, this is for us as we look forward to marriage and parenthood, God willing:

“OBSERVE the good things and those things of value, my dear; how they be hidden from sight and one has to search them out with much labor and resource. My daughter, let your conduct be so in life: combined with godliness, so shall you be the pinnacle of jewels, the crown on a wise king’s head. God holds all wisdom in His hand, yet His wisdom He has hidden from the great minds of intellectual men; to the sincerely humble, even to babes, He gives utmost understanding. Even the deepest spiritual truths, which flow from the wisdom of His inerrant counsel, does He reveal to those of a lowly and pure heart. Humility is a sure means to attain glory and the attention of God, but pride leads to humiliation. Here is a double blessing – the wise are humble; yea, the humble are wise. Even with meekness, the Lord’s inheritance is obtained.

My daughter, let your shapely frame stay hidden under the straight of your clothes (for in your youth, you shall wax as a peacock, but when evening comes [and it comes to all alike] how then shall you display the beauty of your feathers?). Why should you seek to beguile a man with your nakedness? How many a loose woman has led countless foolish souls to hell’s gate! Yes, this is the prime agency of a lack of love; for in seducing him, thy neighbor you have hated. Seek to become a beacon of life rather; and this by hiding yourself in piety – O, what beauty is to be found therein. The virgin’s grace and purity cannot be bought, neither with gold nor silver; nay, not with the rarest and most precious of gemstones. Yet, how many have given these away but for thirty pieces of coins (filthy lucre); their birthright carelessly discarded for a mere pot of lentil stew. A snare for their own souls they have become; prisoners to the dungeons of their own graves – O, the deep depravity of man; who shall tell us about it, that we might be saved? Know you not that amongst all His creatures, even amongst men, to you, O woman, has the Lord apportioned a part of glory that in the looking; at a single glance, an eye is captured in awe? Do you so despise this precious endowment from the Giver of gifts above? In His glory, God is prudent; He hides His treasures from vile men. Therefore, be like the daughter of the Most High who earnestly guards her heritage jealously, even with her own life; for in due time, God will provide its rightful possessor. O, what a great joy it shall be then!

Dear daughter, do not boast of your outward charms, nor with outward beauty seduce men of rank and wealth. The tail of your quest has a deadly sting and it is near impossible to find the right cure. In this shall your boast be, all your days – in the fear of the Lord; this shall you entrap – the wisdom that comes from God. Let your comeliness arise from a heart given to the Lord. Then your life shall extend with glory and praise; your fruit shall be everlasting. Trust in God and do that which is right.

The heart of a submissive wife is like the morning dew in the desert; a glad home she builds and what peace of mind she brings to the thoughts of her husband! With a smile this woman can calm a volcanic Lord; she is his entire pride, the wife of his bosom. The woman that has an untamed tongue is worse than a drunk man. She brings constant sorrow to the door of her house; her presence is like a resting chair that is full of thorns, like porridge that is full of distasteful lumps. Outward beauty may call a man to you, yea, charm may seduce him to your bed but immediately dawn strikes, he shall behold your undesirable shame and to avoid your shackles, you shall never see him again. My daughter, be a woman of discretion: coupled with a gentle spirit and sincere piety, this, even a mad-man considers a precious gift that has come from God Himself.”


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